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  • Hi ~ Welcome to Heilna Trade GmbH.
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    Heilna Trade GmbH

    1, About us

    Heilna Trade GmbH is a German trade company, and our main business include the German high quality global technical service of industrial products, main market is in Asia, especially China and Southeast Asia. Our idea is to bring the excellent products and technology to China, and recommend the excellent products to Europe. We always pay close attention to the development direction of the most advanced international automotive products, so our technical team will fully understand the excellent products and recommend to China. And fully understand the Germany market, and help Chines enterprised export the products to Europe is also our responsibility. And Heilna Trade GmbH has already been a member of indispensable of sino-germany industrial interaction.
    Heilna Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned German company set up in Dalian by Heilna Trade GmbH, based on provide effective and convenient service for customers in China. We have established sales and service office in 10 provinces and cities, which are Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Nanjing, Liaoyang and headquaters Dalian. Heilna Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd. will provide effective service for Chinese customers of Heilna Trade GmbH.
    About European equipment spare parts procurement business:
    At present, because domestic customers import a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic parts, electronics and various process control meters, and imported part are all depend on equipment supplier to provide with high price, which bring great difficulty for the equipment maintenace and procurement.
    We have established great business relationship with many countries and districts in Europe, and depending on Heilna Trade GmbH, we could provide European equipment spare parts procurement service for customers in China. We have more than 500 suppliers in Germany and other European countries, whose main business  include ferrous metallurgy, energy, power, petrochemical industry, Car shipping, Machine mechanical, Military space, Urban construction and environmental protection,automatic control and so on.
    We could provide service of many European brands of spare parts procurement for you, such as in Germany, France, Italy and other EU countries. You do not need to waste time browsing each different manufacturer's Web site, just click www.riddlerpromotions.com, you could easily achieve a one-stop package of spare parts procurement of European brands, including the inquiry, ordering, logistics, customs clearance, billing services, as long as you provide a complete spare parts brand and model to the salesperson in your district or headquarters selling assistant.
    2, Advantages of Heilna Trading platform of European equipment spare parts procurement service
    a) First-hand original products: With two German employees, Heilna Trade GmbH locates in  Neu-Isenburg, 9 kilometers away from Frankfurt city. All of our goods are purchased by Heilna in Germany from the manufacturers in Europe directly, removing the intermediate links that increasing cost, to provide 100% first-hand original products.
    b) Price advantage: we get the price same as that of German customers get in Germany, to ensure that our prices for Chinese customers are the same as customers in Germany.
    c) Freight Advantage: Air cargo from Frankfurt to China every week. The spare parts products in Germany to fight to China, batch purchase zero mining, no limit to the order amount and quantity. So as to make small orders not to bear the high shipping costs and customs fees. This will not only help save costs for customers, but also shorten the delivery time, and  we put these save out the cost of all feedback to the customer. In Frankfurt, we will pack the goods for international transport; and when arrive China, we will reinforce the packing in accordance with industry standard packaging, so as to ensure the goods transport to the customer site safely. Both in international and domestic, we cooperate with first-class logistics companies to guarantee timely delivery of goods.
    d) Industrial products purchasing services: Maybe you already inquired from the European manufacturers by yourself, but limited to freight transport, customs etc., you do not want to import by yourself, so we could purchase the goods for you. And we only charge a little management fee.
    e) Management advantage: efficient management, and effective cooperation of different departments (such as marketing department, sales department, service department, commercial department, technical department, warehousing department, financial department), and using ERP system, to ensure accurate implementation of domestic and international business. Our entire spare parts business from the inquiry, quotation, delivery, has maintained a very high efficiency, which save customers a lot of cost, which we feedback to customers. We add a module in ERP software, which help customers track the status of the goods on line.
    3, Company Qualification

    For purchasing European equipment spare parts, please carefully choose a regular e-commerce trading platform. Firstly, you can find a link of the municipal administration for industry and commerce net on SAIC web site, in the website, you could refer to the enterprise code, legal representative,address and contacts to know the real situation of registration; Secondly, you can also visit the nearby branch or offices of the company; Thirdly, by verifying the company’s declarations, certificates of origin, the recent VAT invoice can be further verify the authenticity.

    • FAX:0411-87317760
    • ADD:No.9, Haihang Road, Dalian Free Trade Zone, Liaoning Province
    • WEB:http://www.riddlerpromotions.com/
    Copyright © 2013 Heilna Trade GmbH

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