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    The supplier: Heilna Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

    The purchaser: the party buy European spare parts from the supplier.

    The products: the European spare parts provided by the supplier for the purchaser.

    Payment of goods: including the product price, freight, VAT, customs duties and other tax payments.

    Purchase contract: it is a sales agreement that the supplier provide European spare parts for the purchaser reached by both parties on the basis of the terms of sales and additional regulations.

    Scope of application

    Heilna Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd. accept the European spare parts orders and to provide related services based on the following terms of sales. The terms of sales is applied to the sales transaction of European spare parts between the supplier and the purchaser. When the contract becomes effective, the purchaser deems to fully understand and agree the sales terms. The contents inconsistent with the sales terms can not be used as part of the contract, unless there is clear and reasonable explanation written content. Please read the important information about the terms and conditions about the rights and obligations of both sides carefully.

    Delivery time

    The delivery time of item 3 of the purchase contract shall prevail, from the date of the payment arrive the supplier’s account. The supplier ship from Frankfurt, Germany every week, and it can fully guarantee delivery time. Under some abnormal circumstances, such as the German factory production cycle, customs clearance and domestic transportation majeure factors leading special treatment, it may need to delay the delivery time, which needs the supplier to notify the purchaser in advance.


    The supplier ensure that all official written offer is only valid within the period specified in the quotation. For the final price of the product, the product unit price and the total amount of official prices to item one of the contract shall prevail.

    Contract confirmation

    The purchaser should order to the supplier by fax or a signed e-mail or other manner approved by the supplier, and confirm the contract by signing and stamp of both sides. Canceling of the contract due to force majeure description: because of the German manufacturers due to force majeure or other reasons, the supplier can not supply to the purchaser according to the agreement, the supplier is entitled to notify the purchaser to postpone the order or cancel the contract within 15 working days after the  validity of the contract, and timely refund the payment. To facilitate the timely confirmation of the contract and delivery of both sides, the purchase contract should indicate as follows:

    brand, name, model no., quantity, unit price, total price;

    Company name, shipping address,receiving calls, consignee;

    Billing address, billing call, bank information, account number, tax ID;

    Invoice mailing address, invoice recipient;

    Transportation means, delivery type, place of arrival.


    After the purchase contract become effective, the purchaser should ide should remit the payment to the designated bank account of the supplier in accordance with the payment terms in the contact. Only when the payment is fully accepted, it deems to be a account credential.

    The purchaser fails to arrange the payment as the agreed payment terms, the supplier may charge the purchaser 0.03% of the amount per day for overdue payment. If the supplier has not received full payment of the purchase contract within 8 weeks of the deadline under the purchase contract, the supplier is entitled to the immediate terminate the purchase contract, and no need to assume any liability for breach of the contract.

    Logistics cargo acceptance

    The supplier ship the goods to the designated delivery place in accordance with the transportation means, delivery type, and place of arrival of the contract. The supplier should select the regular carrier with appropriate international and domestic logistics of transport and long-term cooperation.

    The transfer of goods ownership: if the purchaser find damaged packaging when receiving the goods, they should open the package to check actual quantity of the goods immediately with the transport company according to dispatch bill. If the goods are damaged or do not match the number, they should keep the goods and take pictures for the goods with the date of the very day printed on the pictures. The transport company needs to sign for the damage for confirmation, and immediately contacts the supplier. When the goods delivered to the designated place and the purchaser signs for receipt, then the product is deemed to have been delivered to the purchaser. If the purchaser do not timely submit a written objection to the prescribed period, the goods are deemed to be qualified, since then, the ownership transfer to the purchaser. If the purchaser does not fulfill the obligations and breaches of contract when accepting the goods, the supplier shall be entitled to claim compensation for the losses incurred.

    Acceptance criteria, methods and objection period: according to European factory quality standards. Ten working days after receipt of goods, if the purchaser does not raise an objection to the quality of products, then it deems no quality problem. Due to the purchaser’s using, storage, and poor maintenance etc. cause decrease in the quality, it’s not allowed to raise objections.

    If the delay in payment occurs or the purchaser fails to arrange the payment, the supplier is entitled to postpone the delivery time, only after receipt of full payment the supplier is obligated to ship the goods.


    The supplier could issue the VAT invoice after customs clearance of goods, and mail the invoice to the purchaser by express.

    Intellectual property

    The products provided by the supplier may have intellectual property rights in technology, design, drawings, etc., without written permission of the supplier, the purchaser cannot use on the advertising, media campaigns, or authorize third parties to copy or use. Both the supplier and purchaser are not able to replace or modify the trademark and nameplates for any reason, or it may influence the product quality guarantee items.

    Quality guarantee terms

    Quality requirements, technical standards, the quality conditions and period: according to the German factory standards, the final interpretation of the product quality belongs to the German manufacturer, and the product warranty period is one year after receipt of the goods. The above quality assurance provisions do not apply to the normal wear and tear, storage, installation and maintenance not according to product description, and  the failure or damage caused by accidents.

    Quality Problem Handling: The supplier should handle the problems within 15 working days after receiving the purchaser’s written objection, or it deems to approve the objections and handling suggestions . If the quality problems occur during the guarantee period,  the supplier is responsible for contacting the German manufacturers to identify according to German domestic trade. Based on the identification results, according to the responsibility, the supplier and purchaser are to undertake their corresponding quality appraisal fees, factory maintenance fees, international and domestic freight, customs fees and other related responsibilities.

    After sales services

    ①Technical support

    The supplier has a technical support department consisting of 15 people (including two senior engineers), they are responsible for technical consulting. The after-sales service department consisting of 3 after-sales service personnel can to the field assist users to drive, commissioning customer training, guiding the user to properly use and maintain products. However, because European spare parts procurement is the agent procurement business, and our gross profit is very low, our company will charge for on-site services.


    Maintenance and testing services --- the supplier is associated with laboratory testing room and equipment in Dalian. And for some simple product failure, the technicians trained in Germany  can provide maintenance and inspection for the product. Based on the replacement cost of spare parts and working hours, we will charge accordingly. For failure products confirmed by the manufacturers to be returned to manufacturers, we will hand to the manufacturer for repair, see Section 9 - Quality Problems handling for operation procedure and costs.


    Complaint hot-line 0411-87187730

    ④Service feedback

    The after-sales service engineers regularly visit the clients to help check the use of the product out-of-warranty period, and feedback the product usage of clients.

    • FAX:0411-87317760
    • ADD:No.9, Haihang Road, Dalian Free Trade Zone, Liaoning Province
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